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5 things to consider before moving to the Middle East with a family

Expat families in the Middle East seem to love raising their families here. With such sun, safety, and a family-friendly social scene, why wouldn't they? However, if you plan to move here with your family, you definitely have a few things to consider, research, and plan for, before the big move. 1. If you are [...]

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7 ways to ace your interview for a teaching job abroad

You have secured an interview so a huge well done- you must be feeling extremely proud and positive! You can either be invited for an interview in person or more likely via Skype. In most cases, it will be on Skype. You may have one – two interviews depending on the school. The Skype interview may [...]

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6 things to do if you haven’t heard back from jobs abroad

It can be incredibly disheartening to find a job you love, spend a lot of time researching the school, students, and curriculum, adapting your CV and cover letter to suit the job, only to hear NOTHING BACK. Remember that it is extremely competitive for teaching jobs abroad, especially in places like Dubai, Singapore, and Bangkok. Everyone [...]

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What should I include in my CV?

Your CV should sell you as an outstanding candidate and perfect for the role, students, and school in question. You must include certain specific information that tells the head teacher/ HR manager to choose you as a potential teacher at their school. This information must be laid out clearly and concisely to make it easy [...]

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15 things you must fix on your CV!

Guess how long head teachers and HR managers spend (on average) looking at your CV before deciding to go forward with your application? 5 to 7 seconds! Yes, your CV has 5-7 seconds to make an outstanding impression on head teachers and school HR managers. In an outstanding CV, the format, order, spelling, and grammar are just as important as the actual content. [...]

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How to find a job in Further Education (FE) & universities in the Middle East

There are many FE and third-level educational institutions in the Middle East and many employ Western-trained teachers and lecturers. Here are a list of such institutions: Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) The Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) is the biggest higher educational institution in the UAE, with more than 20,000 students attending 17 male and [...]

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10 ways to find GREAT teaching jobs in the Middle East and Asia

10 ways to find GREAT teaching jobs in the Middle East and Asia I cannot recommend teaching abroad highly enough. I have been teaching in the Middle East for the last 5 years and I have had the best time of my life here, on a personal, professional, and financial level. Personally, I've: made wonderful [...]

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How to find accommodation in the Middle East

Teaching packages and accommodation Teaching packages in the Middle East always provide accommodation, either in the form of an actual apartment (or villa if you have a partner and children) or a rent allowance. This means that you do not spend your salary on rent (unless you rent a place that costs more than your [...]

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How to understand the curriculums in schools abroad

In the Middle East and Asia, you can work at international/private schools or government/public schools. International/ private schools teach a curriculum through English, which differs from that of the country’s national curriculum. They include: British schools: There are over 2,000 British schools worldwide. While most follow the British National Curriculum, some use the term "British" but actually teach [...]

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