In this episode, I speak to Zach Holz of the Happiest Teacher! It was an absolute pleasure to finally meet Zach, an expat teacher in Dubai and financial guru! Similar to Empowering Expat Teachers, Zach’s mission is to show expat teachers how to save lots and make provisions for their financial future, so listen carefully to hear his top money tips. Zach also writes a money-saving column for the National newspaper and he regularly appears on the radio on Dubai Eye, so there are lots of ways to follow him!

Exciting news! I have released my book, “How to be an Empowered Expat Teacher: Personally, Professionally, and Financially.”

Discover the journey of an “Empowered Expat Teacher.” In this step-by-step book, you’ll learn:

●How I went from being a teacher in the UK with barely any savings to being an expat teacher with 2 properties at the age of 32
●How to find the best location, school, and teaching package for you and your personal situation
●How to make the move as easy and stress-free as possible
●How to make serious life-changing savings as an expat teacher
●How to make provisions for your financial future
●How to semi-retire by 35! Click here to find out how to get it!

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