I absolutely loved recording this podcast because I finally got a chance to meet the Nova Coach! As well as running a very successful expat life coaching service, Ailish is also an expat teacher in Abu Dhabi. Today, she explains to us why is it vital for expats to be mindful, why it is great to set goals, and shares her top 5 tips for listeners who want to live a more positive and mindful life. I also talk about my own personal struggles as an expat and the challenges I faced in my first year in Dubai, as well as what I am trying to do each day to improve my personal life. Listen in and prepare to be inspired by Ailish, like I have been!

Links to what we mentioned in our chat:
The Nova Coach’s Instagram account (I highly recommend you follow her here!)

The Nova Coach’s Facebook page

– Ailish’s personal trainer in Abu Dhabi, Kevin’s Facebook page KM Fitness

– My personal trainer in Dubai, Anthony’s Facebook page Activ8 Fitness

– My Teach Abroad Transformation course

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