As a child, I was constantly doodling and drawing, usually on the back of discarded envelopes or cardboard inserts my mam had given me! As a teenager, I was lucky enough to still have the chance to sketch and paint in my Art lessons. However, the older I became, other things took priority and I completely neglected indulging my creative side. In such a crazy and stressful world, it can often feel that I should be doing something “else,” i.e. catching up on my never-ending to-do list, instead of spending the time as a creative outlet, whether it is drawing, writing, or music. I have been so lucky to find an amazing group in Dubai called, “Sketchbound,” run by the lovely Alison because it allows me to schedule in that much needed creative time in a relaxed and sociable environment. We talk about the importance of being creative, especially in the increasingly hectic life of the expat teacher in Dubai, as well as some suggestions about how we try to cope in Dubai’s highly pressurised teaching environment and maintain a good work-life balance. Finally, we look at the things we have done to make Dubai feel like home! Listen in to learn more!