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The 5 Websites to Find Your Ideal Teaching Job in the Middle East cheatsheet

The 5 Websites to Find Your Ideal Teaching Job in the Middle East Cheatsheet This cheatsheet lists the websites where reputable teaching jobs are advertised. This means you can apply directly to these schools abroad and be fully in control of the process! Download now. To download, [...]

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The Ideal Teaching Package Checklist

The Ideal Teaching Package Checklist This lists what benefits you should be getting in a good teaching package. Knowledge is power and I want you to be an Empowered Expat Teacher! Download now. P.S. If you haven't already, join our amazing Empowering Expat Teachers FB group! To [...]

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Launching in January 2017!

Listen to my interviews with other female expat teachers working in schools all around the world, including Dubai, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Bahrain, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, and Kuala Lumpur! From listening to our conversation on the podcasts, you will be able to: the positives and negatives of the country what the cost of living [...]

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6 reasons I should become an expat teacher…

I have a teaching qualification / certificate. I have some teaching experience (2 years generally, but this depends on the school). I have lots of positive skills and qualities. I am unhappy with my current job because it is only short-term (e.g. maternity cover)/ I don’t have a great work-life balance/ I don’t feel [...]

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