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How to maximise your chances of getting your ideal teaching job abroad…

How to maximise your chances of getting your ideal teaching job abroad... My name is Sorcha and I’m the founder of Empowering Expat Teachers. I have been teaching in the Middle East (Qatar and Dubai) for the last 5 years. The decision to move abroad and teach has completely changed my life. It has allowed [...]

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Join the “GET HER DID” 7-Day Saving Challenge!

Are you on track to meet your savings target this year? Did you even set one for yourself???? Ok, there is still time to repair the damage! Next week is called Money Smart Week so I have created a 7-day email challenge to help you AT LEAST double whatever you’ve saved so far this [...]

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How to enjoy a 5-day holiday abroad for LESS than £500 (including FLIGHTS and HOTEL)!

How to enjoy a 5-day holiday abroad for LESS than £500 (including FLIGHTS and HOTEL)! Yes, you read that correctly- I enjoyed my last 5-day holiday abroad (including FLIGHTS and HOTEL) for £489! To convert to euros and US dollars, that's  €571 / $612. That £489 covered my WHOLE holiday in Istanbul. Read my ultimate guide to Istanbul here. Here is a list [...]

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14 ways to save money while you’re travelling!

“Travelling or saving? What should be my priority?” Many expat teachers have asked me this and I don’t think it has to be one or the other. While teaching abroad, we are making enough money to save each month AND take regular trips to explore the globe! I would say that your saving should [...]

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The ultimate guide to saving for your travel fund (without risking your financial future)

As expat teachers, living abroad puts us in a perfect position to travel the world and tick off all those bucket list trips! Not only do we have extra cash to travel more, but we are also time-rich and can spend our regular school-breaks exploring other countries. In terms of saving up for my financial [...]

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Why expat teachers SHOULD NOT invest their money with a financial broker or product…

Last week, I read one of Andrew Hallam's wonderful articles called, "Why This Financial Advisor Gives Out Free Trips To The Maldives." It talks about a very familiar trick used by financial brokers on unsuspecting expats in the Middle East... "Last month, a financial advisor sent Matthew Backus an unusual email. She offered him a free [...]

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The EET ultimate guide to visiting Istanbul!

The EET ultimate guide to visiting Istanbul! Istanbul has been on my bucket list for ages and when I finally had enough Turkish Airlines air miles to fly return from Dubai to Istanbul, I jumped at the chance to spend my Spring half-term there! My mam was very worried when I told her I was [...]

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Can you REALLY save as an expat teacher nowadays?

Can you really save here as an expat teacher nowadays? To be honest, it does feel like teaching salaries and packages at some schools abroad have gone down in recent years, as more and more teachers make the move to teach abroad. This can result in the supply outweighing the demand, which schools often use [...]

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