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[11] EET Podcast 11:How to Avoid that “Dubai Stone” with Anthony from Activ8 Lifestyle & Fitness Dubai!

In this podcast, I speak to (my) personal trainer Anthony Lee from Activ8 Lifestyle & Fitness in Dubai. It is his first ever podcast interview and I think he has done a great job! So Anthony, how can we avoid that dreaded "Dubai (or Doha) stone"??? https://soundcloud.com/sorcha-ni-ghiolla-chaoil/how-to-avoid-that-dubai-stone-with-anthony-from-activ8-lifestyle-fitness-dubai As expat teachers in the Gulf/ Middle [...]

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6 Ways to Save Money While Travelling!

“Travelling or saving? What should be my priority?” Many expat teachers have asked me this and I don’t think it has to be one or the other. While teaching abroad, we are making enough money to save each month AND take regular trips to explore the globe! I would say that your saving should [...]

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