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[13] EET Podcast 13: When Empowering Expat Teachers met the Nova Coach!

I absolutely loved recording this podcast because I finally got a chance to meet the Nova Coach! As well as running a very successful expat life coaching service, Ailish is also an expat teacher in Abu Dhabi. Today, she explains to us why is it vital for expats to be mindful, why it is [...]

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[12] EET Podcast 12: When Empowering Expat Teachers met the Happiest Teacher!

In this episode, I speak to Zach Holz of the Happiest Teacher! It was an absolute pleasure to finally meet Zach, an expat teacher in Dubai and financial guru! Similar to Empowering Expat Teachers, Zach's mission is to show expat teachers how to save lots and make provisions for their financial future, so listen [...]

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