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10 Ways to Find Your Ideal Teaching Job in Dubai and the UAE

One of my most popular downloaded resources EVER (1,000+ times!) has been the 8 Ways to Find an Ideal Teaching Job Abroad, which I created a few years ago. Today I decided to improve it, by creating a checklist dedicated to finding teaching jobs in Dubai and the UAE. Here is a taste of [...]

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5 Ways to Stop Spending During Lockdown

Because we can no longer go out and have fun, many of us have turned to online shopping for entertainment. We may also want to treat ourselves because many of us teaching online are working harder and longer than ever before. We definitely deserve the occasional treat to keep us motivated and happy but [...]

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The best way to transfer your money home during this time…

First of all, I hope everyone is keeping safe and well at this time of uncertainty. I know many expats have sadly lost their jobs due to the closure of so many business in the Gulf and Asia, so I hope this article helps regarding the best way(s) to transfer final settlements and salaries [...]

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Listen to my story on the House Hacking Podcast!

Work Provided Housing House Hacking with Sorcha Coyle (Season 1, Episode 6) I was so honoured to be invited onto the House Hacking Podcast to talk to Andrew Kerr about how my house hacking as an expat teacher has boosted my savings massively! First of all- what is house hacking? According to this Forbes [...]

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