In case you didn’t already guess, I am currently in the middle of my own declutter! This is because I move apartments in Dubai every year to get the best rental deal I can find. I tend to do a 10 month all-inclusive (furnished all bills included) deal from September to June and then I usually leave for the summer, so I don’t pay rent for the two month summer holiday. When I come back in September, I find a new place for another 10-months and so forth! However, thanks to COVID-19, this plan obviously has been turned on its head because I’m now choosing to stay in Dubai for the summer for the first time in my life ever! As I write this, I am currently packing up my things to move apartment, which means that I am decluttering! I‘m deciding what to keep, what to throw out, what to donate to charity and what to sell! Here are my 5 reasons why an annual declutter is so important…

1. It helps you save a lot of money on rent

By doing an annual declutter, you will naturally have less stuff, which means less space, so you can downsize your apartment and save more of your rent! This is one reason why I have been able to live in a really popular area of Dubai, yet save so much of my rent allowance- check out my post here on how much I’ve saved this year. Because of my annual declutter, I don’t actually own that much stuff, so when the summer comes (and I fly home for those 2 months), I pack my belongings into 2 suitcases and leave them in a kind friend’s spare room or in a storeroom in my school and save those 2 months’ rent. 

2. You can earn more money selling your stuff

By doing an annual declutter, you can easily see which items you haven’t used all year and then you can sell these items to make some extra cash. Many expats do not sell their unwanted stuff until the end of their stint abroad, which puts them under great pressure to get everything sold by the time they leave. By doing a declutter each year and not just at the end of your stint abroad, you’re not in a rush or a mad panic to sell everything, which means you got more time to advertise your stuff and you don’t feel the pressure to lower your price drastically, so you may actually end up getting more money for it. More money that you can save and transfer home towards that mortgage deposit (or whatever you’re saving for!). Click here to find out why I think Currency Fair is the best way to transfer your money home (and to earn €30 on your first transfer with them!).

3. I love the feeling of having the bare minimum to pack at any given time

I love the feeling of being able to pack up my things in a few cases and boxes and leave the country if I ever need to! I don’t have to worry about what I’ll do with all my stuff. There’s something very liberating knowing you can just up and pack in a few hours. It also makes you realise what is actually important and useful to you in life. Yes, you’re right! I am part of the Minimalist trend that rejects consumer society and the pressure of advertising… Millions of people around the world are actually embracing such a lifestyle.Check out my post on minimalism here!

4. It reminds me of the importance of charity

Each time I declutter, I donate unwanted clothing or items to charities or to expat colleagues or neighbours, who are on a lower wage than me. I remember how fortunate and privileged I am and it reminds me to help others, who are not in the same position as me.

 5. It stops me buying more stuff the following year!

For me, having an annual declutter means I know that in a few months’ time, I will be getting rid of stuff, so it’s almost a competition with me to buy less! I can see how much is thrown out every year and how wasteful it is, so it kind of motivates me to buy a lot less and to really consider my purchases before I make them if I know I’m going to probably throw them out in less than 12 months. 

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Do you declutter regularly? Are you a Minimalist like me?
Share your comments below!

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