1. Buy yourself something for your place each month you get paid rather than maxing out your credit card purchasing everything in one go! Do not forget to check out second hand FB groups too!

2. Buy a copy of Millionaire Expat by Andrew Hallam. I first heard about investing as an expat back when I was 25 in Qatar but I didn’t actually start doing it until I was in Dubai at the age of 31. One of the main resources that helped me take the plunge and become a confident DIY investor was Andrew Hallam’s “Millionaire Expat: How To Build Wealth Living Overseas.” Andrew is a former expat teacher turned financially independent author and speaker! Check his book out here on Amazon UK and here on Amazon UAE.

3. Go out and connect with teacher friends outside school- socially distancing of course! Check out Teacher Socials to see all the amazing exclusive teacher discounts on restaurants, brunches, bars, and fun activities!

4. Transfer money home – to get the best rate, use a currency exchange house (Al Ansari, Al Jaber, etc.) or use the CurrencyFair app.
For the last year, I’ve been using Currency Fair, an Irish-owned online currency transfer, to move money between my home bank account and my expat bank
account. I had to email them some documents to set it up, but once that was done, my account was set up very easily. In fact, Currency Fair has a great option, where it allows me to set the exchange rate I want, so I can tell Currency Fair not to transfer my money until the Euro exchange rate (or your preferred currency) reaches a better rate. Another pro is that it has an app, so I can do everything from the comfort of my own home- no queuing required! I save so much time this way. If you open an account using my affiliate link here for Currency Fair, you will get €30 in your CurrencyFair account (if you transfer at least €2,000) and so will I!

5. Do not take out a loan, made a big purchase, or max your credit card in your first month back. You will honestly end up paying it back all year and then you won’t save! Plus if you lose your job or the school closes unexpectedly, having debt in this situation is very stressful, so keep out of it!