Because we can no longer go out and have fun, many of us have turned to online shopping for entertainment. We may also want to treat ourselves because many of us teaching online are working harder and longer than ever before. We definitely deserve the occasional treat to keep us motivated and happy but we also need to make sure that we don’t waste our hard earned cash buying things we don’t need. Here are 4 tips to curb your spending at this time!

Before you learn something new below, please read my disclaimer here now about the advice and tips I share on this blog. 

1) Transfer your salary to your home bank the day you get paid. 

Realistically we do not need as much money to live on each month (no brunches, happy hours, or travelling!), so challenge yourself to send home more. Factor in enough money for your rent and bills, one takeaway treat a week, and a big weekly shop and see if you can send 70%+ more home this month. To transfer your money from your expat bank to your home bank, you can use an online currency exchange site, e.g. Currency Fair, to transfer your money to your home bank (if you use my affiliate referral link you will earn €50 this month when you sign up and make your first transfer!) OR you can withdraw your cash, exchange it to your home currency at a currency exchange place, and transfer it to your home bank from the same currency exchange place.

2) Cancel/ Postpone subscriptions 

Think about all the subscriptions you have each month. Go back and check your home and Emirati bank online to note any recurring payments, e.g. car rental, gym membership, Skype subscription, LinkedIn subscription, etc. Are there any you can cancel/ postpone at this time to save more money?

3)  Schedule your day better

Boredom and idleness can often end up in us browsing Amazon or Noon, so to avoid this, schedule your day to avoid this “danger time zone.” Get up at a similar time each day, exercise at the same time, meditate/ pray at the same time, eat breakfast/ lunch/ dinner at the same time, etc. When you’ve finished work, have a list of personal goals that you want to achieve that month (could be to watch a series, listen to a podcast, bake 4 new recipes, grow a plant, write a book, Zoom a friend etc.) and divide your free time into 20 minute intervals to achieve them. 

E.g. Free time from 6pm to 9pm = 9 x 20 min session

I may decide to spend 2 x 20 min baking soda bread / 1 x 20 to make dinner / 2 x 20 to Zoom family and friends / 2 x 20 to watch a TV series / 1 x 20 to type a chapter of my book or paint a picture / 1 x 20 to do a HITT workout.

These books are brilliant to inspire you to manage your time better:

The 12 Week Year. This book shows you how to fulfil your goals in 12 weeks rather than 12 months. Find it here.

The 5AM Club. I am currently reading this book at the moment and it reinforces my habit of dividing my time into 20 minute slots to be more productive. Check it here. 

4) See what resources you can download for free! 

So many educational companies are providing their services for free at this time. Teachit’s amazing English resources are all free until the end of April- check it out here:

5) Get into podcasts!

I used to always listen to Irish radio online, but lately it has just been all quite negative about the virus, so I’ve switched off! When I’m marking work, making dinner, or scrolling online, I keep my mind occupied by listening to My current favourite is Mens Rea podcast, which documents real-life crimes that have taken place in Ireland and the UK. Check it out here or on Spotify.

I’d love to hear what you think of my post- have you had the same experience with online shopping during this lockdown? Do you have tips to share to help us curb our spending at this time? Please share on the Empowering Expat Teachers Facebook community!

Happy saving!