8 things to pack when you move abroad

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There is a tonne of things to bring when you move overseas to teach, but luckily the majority you can get wherever you move to! However, these 8 things I recommend because they are ridiculously overpriced in the Middle East!

1. A ball gown/ tuxedo- there are plenty of black tie events and balls (e.g. St Patrick’s Day Ball, the Welsh Ball, etc.) taking place throughout the year that require a dressy outfit. The ball gowns on sale here are extortionate, so definitely pack one just in case!

2. It can get quite cold here in winter so bring a coat, a jumper, tights, a pair of boots, and a scarf to see you through the chilly months! P.S. You can just wear them over on the plane to save luggage charges! I’d also bring some cardigans and light jackets because the air conditioning in schools abroad can be freezing!

3. You will need sun cream here- I use SPF 50+ as I have a phobia of sunburn and sun damage! Popular, high-quality, branded sun creams are quite expensive here, so why not buy a reasonably priced sun cream from home? Aldi’s own brand range has received great reviews and it is super cheap.

4. If you use any special moisturiser, specialist shampoo, branded make-up, etc., bring a stock of it with you as I can guarantee their price here will double, despite the fact there is no tax here… yet! Another great idea is to order your toiletries online in Boots (Ireland and the UK) and arrange to pick them up at the store at the airport AFTER security. This means heavy toiletries won’t take up precious kilos in your check-in luggage! If you don’t have Boots in your home country, Google the names of the drugstores that are airside in your local airport and see if they offer a similar service!

5. If you love sending cards to friends, then bring a pack with you from home as a single birthday/ thank you/ blank card here costs at least 5 EUROS!!!
packing case 1
6. Head to Savers (or another discount store that sells toiletries) to create a mini first-aid kit to bring with you- pack plasters, paracetamol, and ibuprofen. You’ll never find 12p packets of paracetamol here! Click here to read more about what you can and can’t bring through customs abroad.

7. Gym gear here can be costly here, so bring your shorts, leggings, gym tees, and your trainers with you!

8. Buy an unlocked SIM-free phone that can be used with different SIM cards. When you move abroad, you will have to get a phone plan in that country and a pay-as-you-go SIM or a month-on–month contract tends to be the best value. Click here to see what is the best value phone deal that I have found in the UAE. These kind of plans do need an unlocked phone though. This month, I bought a refurbished SIM-free iPhone 8 64GB for around £350 on Amazon. So far, it has been perfect, the handset looks brand new, the battery lasts well, plus it has a 1-year Amazon Renewed Guarantee- click here to see one of the models on Amazon!

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