As I said before, it is vital to set financial goals to motivate you to earn and save as much money as you can. To read more about setting realistic financial goals, click here.

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One huge benefit of teaching in the Middle East and Asia is that there is generally less paperwork, smaller class sizes, and longer school holidays, so we have more free time here than we would at home. This means we have more free time to earn (and save) more money. Do not fall into the trap of using this time to shop and spend your hard-earned cash on unnecessary things. To quote the money guru, Dave Ramsey, “We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.”

So here are 8 ways to earn more money this year to boost your savings…

  1. Become a personal tutor in the evenings or set up an online tutoring business.
  2. Regularly declutter to sell unwanted gifts and used and unused items (jewellery, furniture, clothes, shoes, freebies that came with a new phone, etc.) online on Ebay (UK)/ Done Deal(Ireland)/Dubizzle (Dubai)/BuyItSellItSwapIt (Qatar).
  3. In July/August, work for a summer school for 2+ weeks. Check for jobs in the UK and around the world and for jobs in Ireland. Pay is great and accommodation & food are included.
  4. Mark examination papers for the examination board your school uses.
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