Hello, my name is Sorcha. 
Whether you’re a potential or current expat teacher, I am here to empower you to lead a personally, professionally and financially rewarding life!

I’ve been teaching in the Middle East for the past 5 years, and I can honestly say it’s the BEST, most empowering decision I’ve ever made.

Just imagine… this time next year, that’s you. Every single day you step out beneath the shining sun. You have complete job satisfaction. You have complete job security. Your biggest dilemma is deciding where to go for brunch tomorrow, or which beach party you’d like to hit this weekend.

And hey, with the high salary, zero rent, and zero tax, you’re making a killing!

  • 6 years (and counting!) teaching abroad
  • 2 different countries and schools I’ve worked at in the Middle East
  • Offered 12 teaching jobs at highly reputable schools in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa
  • Founder of the 6,000+ member-strong Empowering Expat Teachers community! 
  • €164,000+ saved (so far!) from my time teaching overseas
  • 12 amazing countries and experiences ticked off my bucket list, including hiking in Laos, walking the Great Wall of China, trekking to Macchu Pichau in Peru, salsa dancing in Cuba, and safari-ing in Tanzania!
  • During my time teaching abroad, I have purchased 2 beautiful properties- a 4-bedroomed house in my home country of Ireland and a 3-bed apartment in Spain 

For too long, getting a great teaching job abroad has been seen as a complicated and mysterious process. EET changes all that by removing all the mystery and sharing unbiased and impartial advice from me, an experienced expat teacher currently working in Dubai! Please read my disclaimer here now about the advice and tips I share on this blog.

Empowering Expat Teachers is NOT a teaching recruitment agency, so I don’t work for nor do I promote any specific school, ministry, or organisation. 

 Instead, it is a safe place for you to:

  • Ask any questions you have about all aspects of teaching abroad
  • Decide which location and school abroad best suits your personal, professional, and financial goals
  • Learn about the different types of schools, curriculums, and teaching packages abroad so you don’t limit your selection

What do I believe? 

I believe that being a fully empowered expat teacher is being a fully informed expat teacher.

I believe that it is important to be open and honest about all the different ways to get teaching jobs abroad.

I believe in sharing insider overseas teacher knowledge via weekly blog posts, FB Lives and podcasts.

I believe that having a online community of  supportive and like-minded teachers truly matters.

I believe that being a fully informed expat teacher has allowed me to work in great schools abroad in popular cities with amazing teaching packages, which means that I’ve saved £120,000+ so far while travelling every single school holiday.

Maybe you’re here because you are thinking about teaching abroad in the next year or two.

Maybe you’re here because you want to have job security, a high salary, and sun for the next 2+ years.

Maybe you’re here because you want to learn about the different schools and teaching packages in the Middle East and Asia.

Maybe you’re here because you too want to save £120,000 in 5 years.

Maybe you’re here because you want to learn how to apply directly to teaching jobs abroad yourself.

Maybe you’re here because you want answers from actual current expat teachers, not only teaching agencies and recruiters.

Maybe you’re here because you’ve got a job abroad, but have questions about how to find out what the school is really like, cultural differences, how to negotiate your contract, and what to pack.

Maybe you’re here because you want to buy a house at home in the next 2 years.

Maybe you want to get involved in our EET Meet-Ups when you move abroad.

Whatever your reason, you’ve come to the perfect place!

Join the Empowering Expat Teachers Community NOW to start your journey to teaching abroad and living your personally, professionally, and financially empowered life TODAY!