How to write and self-publish your book

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On Tuesday 12th February 2019, I eventually released my labour of love… My first book! It is called, “How to Be an Empowered Expat Teacher: Personally, Professionally, and Financially.” Click here to find it on [...]

Want to become a governess/ governor?

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Today we speak to James Alger, founder of www.jobsinchildcare.com.  James graduated from the Modern Languages department of the University of Leeds, and has 10 years’ experience working with VIP families as a governor. [...]

What’s it like to move from the Gulf to Asia as an expat teacher?

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Today's guest post is from Amy French, who taught in Qatar and then moved to Vietnam to work- two very different places! In this blog, she describes her experiences in both places and lists [...]

7 Signs an International School is a Good Place to Work

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This guest post is written by Ron Rosenow, the founder of the internationalschoolcommunity.com website, the leading community of international school professionals. There are many reasons why people want to leave their home country [...]

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