6 ways I’ve saved £6400/ €7100/ $7900 of my rent allowance this year

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First of all, this article has been inspired by Zach Holz, the Happiest Teacher, in an article he wrote last month called “House Hacking for All.” I highly recommend you read it here as [...]

What is the best way of transferring money from my HOME bank to my EXPAT bank?

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I am usually asked the best way to transfer money from an EXPAT bank to a HOME bank and I answer this question in an article I wrote last year- check it out here. [...]

The “How to Travel While Still Saving Significantly!” Mini-masterclass

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Even though we all hope to save thousands of dollars/ pounds/ euros each term as expat teachers, most of us still want to be able to travel and experience new countries and cultures every [...]

How to help local students / students with English as a Second Language thrive!

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Welcome! My name is Sorcha and I've been teaching Qatari and Emirati students for the last 8 years. As an expat teacher, I bet you have local students in your classes. Depending on your [...]

Do you want to be a better organised expat? Here are my top 3 tips…

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This post may contain some affiliate links. Please read my full disclosure policy. Regularly declutter your home.  As an expat who tends to move each year, I am sort of forced to declutter [...]

Moment of Truth: Do you truly manage your time wisely?

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This post may contain some affiliate links. Please read my full disclosure policy. As a full-time teacher, who also runs the Empowering Expat Teachers community, has a side business showing expat teachers how to [...]