7 Signs an International School is a Good Place to Work

This guest post is written by Ron Rosenow, the founder of the internationalschoolcommunity.com website, the leading community of international school professionals. There are many reasons why people want to leave their home country and explore the world of working at international schools. They are: love, career, money, travel, weather, location, etc. But regardless [...]

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5 things you should and shouldn’t do with your pay packet!

1. Buy yourself something for your place each month you get paid rather than maxing out your credit card purchasing everything in one go! Do not forget to check out second hand FB groups too! 2. Buy a copy of Millionaire Expat by Andrew Hallam. I first heard about investing as an expat back [...]

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How to earn money with a blog

I set up this blog about 4 years ago and it was one of the best things I've ever done. Blogging and publishing blog posts / articles regularly means I can combine my passions (helping people when they apply to teach abroad) and my expertise (crafting appealing CVs and cover letters). Follow my advice below [...]

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How to buy designer handbags and watches while still saving lots of money….

This post may contain some affiliate links. Please read my full disclosure policy. As expats, we work very hard, often harder than we would in our own country! Our hours are long and we seem to be reachable 24 hours of the day. Yes, we are lucky because our salaries may be higher than those at [...]

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5 reasons why you should declutter every year!

In case you didn't already guess, I am currently in the middle of my own declutter! This is because I move apartments in Dubai every year to get the best rental deal I can find. I tend to do a 10 month all-inclusive (furnished all bills included) deal from September to June and then I usually [...]

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4 things you must consider before teaching abroad with a partner and/or family

Expat families seem to love raising their families abroad. With such sun, safety, and a family-friendly social scene, why wouldn't they? However, if you plan to move abroad with your family, you definitely have a few things to consider, research, and plan for, before the big move. If you plan to move to the [...]

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Slashing your spending in the time of Corona

When I was first told that schools here were suddenly closing down because of this virus, I remember immediately feeling a bit panicked about the possibility of losing my job and income without warning. Instantly, I froze my spending and started to come up with ways to spend a lot [...]

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Changing Your Money Mindset in the Time of Corona

Changing Your Money Mindset in the Time of Corona Do you ever come to the day before payday and wonder where the heck last month’s salary has disappeared to? If this sounds like you, I know you will be happy to listen to my new video which is all about [...]

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