6 Ways to Save Money While Travelling!

“Travelling or saving? What should be my priority?” Many expat teachers have asked me this and I don’t think it has to be one or the other. While teaching abroad, we are making enough money to save each month AND take regular trips to explore the globe! I would say that your saving should [...]

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6 Things You Must Know When Applying to Schools in the UAE

Before you start reading, "6 Things You Must Know When Applying to Schools in the UAE," I'd love to introduce myself to you! My name is Sorcha Coyle and this is my 7th year teaching in the Gulf region (Qatar and Dubai). I run the Empowering Expat Teachers community and my mission is to [...]

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The best value phone deal I’ve found in the UAE!

The best value phone deal I've found in the UAE! Before you learn something new below, please read my disclaimer here now about the advice and tips I share on this blog.  As expat teachers, one of our monthly bills is our mobile phone, which can often be very expensive, especially if [...]

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That time I went to Iran on my own…

I have always wanted to visit Iran, but when I shared my goal with others, the image on the right is the kind of reaction that most gave me... People were horrified, shocked, almost disgusted as to why I would want to go "there." To somewhere "so dangerous" and "anti-West" and "full of terrorists." Someone [...]

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Leaving your expat teaching job? Here is your To-Do List!

This post may contain some affiliate links. Please read my full disclosure policy. Planning to leave your teaching job next year and either move to another expat destination or return home? Make your exit from expat teaching as smooth and as stress-free as possible with great tips from me and Eileen Adamson from Your Money [...]

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4 reasons why we, expat teachers, need to boost our savings ASAP!

Because I am an expat teacher The expat life has so many wonderful aspects- the high salary, the job security, the sun, and the standard of living. However, it has one downside- it is unpredictable. We might plan to teach here forever with its tax-free salary and perks, but life here can change in [...]

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Teach Abroad Transformation

Just what you've been waiting for- the world's first Teach Abroad Transformation! I’ve been teaching in the Middle East for the past 6 years, and I can honestly say it’s the BEST, most empowering decision I’ve ever made. In my time teaching overseas, I’ve saved €163,000+ saved (so far as of September 2018!) How have I done this? Two [...]

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What are the different kinds of schools available to expat teachers?

Expat teachers can work at international schools or government / local schools. International schools teach a curriculum through English, which differs from that of the country’s national curriculum. They include: British schools: There are over 2,000 British schools worldwide. While most follow the British National Curriculum, some use the term "British" but actually teach [...]

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“On Your Way to 30K” 3-Day Challenge!

Imagine having 30K in the bank... 30K for a house deposit, a wedding deposit, or for an epic world trip! It is 100% possible to save 30K in a 2-year contract teaching abroad, but it does take some effort, planning, and commitment. Before we start, let me share my disclaimer with you. Any financial information shared [...]

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