Listen to my story on the House Hacking Podcast!

Work Provided Housing House Hacking with Sorcha Coyle (Season 1, Episode 6) I was so honoured to be invited onto the House Hacking Podcast to talk to Andrew Kerr about how my house hacking as an expat teacher has boosted my savings massively! First of all- what is house hacking? According to this Forbes [...]

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The “How to Travel While Still Saving Significantly!” Mini-masterclass

Even though we all hope to save thousands of dollars/ pounds/ euros each term as expat teachers, most of us still want to be able to travel and experience new countries and cultures every half-term or so! Well guess what? We can do both! In this masterclass, you'll learn: how to save money when [...]

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[14]: EET Podcast 14: When Empowering Expat Teachers met Alison from Sketchbound

As a child, I was constantly doodling and drawing, usually on the back of discarded envelopes or cardboard inserts my mam had given me! As a teenager, I was lucky enough to still have the chance to sketch and paint in my Art lessons. However, the older I became, other things took priority and [...]

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[13] EET Podcast 13: When Empowering Expat Teachers met the Nova Coach!

I absolutely loved recording this podcast because I finally got a chance to meet the Nova Coach! As well as running a very successful expat life coaching service, Ailish is also an expat teacher in Abu Dhabi. Today, she explains to us why is it vital for expats to be mindful, why it is [...]

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[12] EET Podcast 12: When Empowering Expat Teachers met the Happiest Teacher!

In this episode, I speak to Zach Holz of the Happiest Teacher! It was an absolute pleasure to finally meet Zach, an expat teacher in Dubai and financial guru! Similar to Empowering Expat Teachers, Zach's mission is to show expat teachers how to save lots and make provisions for their financial future, so listen [...]

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[11] EET Podcast 11:How to Avoid that “Dubai Stone” with Anthony from Activ8 Lifestyle & Fitness Dubai!

In this podcast, I speak to (my) personal trainer Anthony Lee from Activ8 Lifestyle & Fitness in Dubai. It is his first ever podcast interview and I think he has done a great job! So Anthony, how can we avoid that dreaded "Dubai (or Doha) stone"??? https://soundcloud.com/sorcha-ni-ghiolla-chaoil/how-to-avoid-that-dubai-stone-with-anthony-from-activ8-lifestyle-fitness-dubai As expat teachers in the Gulf/ Middle [...]

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[10] EET Podcast 10: What’s it like to live and work in Egypt?

In this episode, I talk to the wonderful Kathryn, a British expat teacher currently living and working in Cairo, Egypt! Kathryn recently moved there with her husband and cute dog! This is one of our longer podcasts because Kathryn has shared so much great insider information about finding an expat teaching job in Egypt and beyond! [...]

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[6] EET Podcast 6: What does a headteacher of a school abroad want in a teacher?

In today's Empowering Expat Teachers episode, I talk to Mike, a recently retired Headmaster of a prestigious British school in Qatar. He gives a brilliant insight into what skills and traits headteachers want in a teacher plus some great advice for applications and interview prep! Exciting news! I have [...]

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[9] EET Podcast 9: What’s it like to live and work in Abu Dhabi?

In this episode, we talk to the lovely Rachel, an Irish expat teacher currently living and working in Abu Dhabi, UAE! Rachel has been teaching abroad for a few years now and she is well used to the Middle East! Rachel has given us so many insider tips about living and teaching in [...]

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[8] EET Podcast 8: When EET met Andrew Hallam- the interview…

In this podcast, I am honoured to interview Andrew Hallam, former expat teacher turned financial education guru for expats! Here he tells us about what he does, why he does it, and addresses those slanderous "articles" and emails about him by certain expat financial brokers in Dubai... Excuse the low sound quality at the [...]

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