Changing Your Money Mindset in the Time of Corona

Do you ever come to the day before payday and wonder where the heck last month’s salary has disappeared to? If this sounds like you, I know you will be happy to listen to my new video which is all about developing a positive money mindset, with a very worthwhile challenge at the end!

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*By the way, if you are new to Empowering Expat Teachers and wondering what it is all about – “In the Time of Corona” is basically my way of sharing some of my most helpful tips, hacks, and actions for future and current expat teachers, who are bearing the brunt of COVID19. It’s 100% free, there is no pitch or product at the end 🙂 and I will post a new video tutorial every few days on our FB group and Youtube channel and as a newsletter just like this one, as long as people want to see them!