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  1. Regularly declutter your home. 

As an expat who tends to move each year, I am sort of forced to declutter each time and once I get over the shock of the amount of extra stuff I’ve managed to accumulate over 10 months, I actually really enjoy it! Minimising the amount of possessions honestly gives me a great sense of calm as it reduces the overwhelm that comes with having a messy overcrowded apartment. One of my favourite memories is when I spent 3 months travelling around Argentina with a 15kg rucksack that contained all my worldly goods- I felt so free and liberated by having so few material possessions to worry about!

2 Stick everything on your phone calendar! 

I save absolutely every event, appointment, reminder, and goal in my phone calendar and I refer to it every single morning to see what I need to focus on. Not only does it help me remember my day’s plan, but writing them down means I free up valuable mind space!

3. Get your hands on a copy of “I want to be organised” by Harriet Griffey!

The full title of the book also includes, “How to declutter your life, manage your time, and get things done,” and this is exactly why I love this book!

First of all, it has a super helpful quiz at the beginning to help you determine your organisational personality and style, before you start reading all its wonderful advice and tips.

What I really enjoy about this book is that Harriet Griffey is aware that our desire to becoming more organised is also a psychological shift, so she offers a number of excellent reasons as to why our life would be better if we were more organised. The book is divided into clear sections on how to develop our organisational skills in specific areas of our lives, e.g. with family, in our habits, with our finances, in different rooms in the house, at work, and in our online activity. With its practical strategies and inspirational quotes, “I want to be organised” definitely keeps the reader motivated to achieve their goal!

If you hadn’t guessed already, I am a huge fan of self-help books! Here are other books I would recommend:

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What books or tips do you recommend to help us become more organised? Please let us know in the Comments below!