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As expats, we work very hard, often harder than we would in our own country! Our hours are long and we seem to be reachable 24 hours of the day. Yes, we are lucky because our salaries may be higher than those at home because we’re not taxed, but we definitely work for our money! As a result, it is important to treat yourself from time to time, while still striving to save as much as you can. Personally, I am not into designer goods, so my treats are related to travelling and self-development. However, many expats like buying designer goods, so it is a case of different priorities and preferences. A life without regular rewards means that we’re more likely to splurge silly money when we get the chance, so by making sure we have a few pleasures to look forward to, it helps keep us on the path to saving each month. Keep reading to see how we can still treat ourselves on the cheap by following my tips below:

1. Only buy designer goods in a recession or economic crisis

Sadly, these are a part of life and happen every decade or so. When there is an economic downturn, many expats lose their jobs or face cut salary cuts (unfortunately) and therefore may decide to sell their expensive designer brands such as handbags, shoes, cars, and watches, in order to make some money. This is your time to buy those treats as you will get them for a very good deal and there would be often a very good choice. Check out websites like The Luxury Closet that specialise in selling authentic designer brands second hand.

In fact, The Luxury Closet’s Ultimate Summer Sale | Up to 40% off starts today until 31st July 2020! – click here to check it out!

2. Wait until a big sale/ shopping festival in your region

When it comes to buying big purchases, wait until the sales and shopping festivals take place. In the Gulf, there are always sales in the month of January and during Ramadan/ Eid.  Google to see when these main sales take place in your city or country and pencil it in your diary. Then when the sales are on, check out the offers at three or four places (including online retailers) and choose the best offer/ best price.

3. Check out discount department stores and outlet villages in your region

Another great option is discount department stores like TK Maxx and Brands for Less in the UAE. There, you can find a range of amazing and ever-changing selections of brand name and designer products at prices up significantly less than the recommended retail price! Click here to check out Brands for Less online store and shop in the comfort of your own home!

4. Ask for the designer item as a gift

If there is a big treat that you really want, how about you ask for it for a birthday gift or for a Christmas present, if you do not need it immediately? My parents always ask me what I would like for Christmas and I know they would rather buy me something that I really value and really want to have, rather than waste money on something that I will never use. Perhaps always ask your family to check in with you before they buy you a big gift?

What do you think? Add your tips in the Comments below!

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