Welcome! My name is Sorcha and I’ve been teaching Qatari and Emirati students for the last 8 years. As an expat teacher, I bet you have local students in your classes. Depending on your location in the Gulf, they may be Emirati, Saudi Arabian, Bahraini, Kuwaiti, or Omani. If you’re based in Asia, your students may be Malay, Chinese, South Korean, or Thai. Perhaps you work at a government/public school whose curriculum is taught through English, like the UAE’s Ministry of Education (MOE) public schools? In these regions, English proficiency is essential, not only to act as a “lingua franca” (a common language) between expats and locals in daily interactions, but often to secure a good job and study at third level. It is important to realise that as expat educators, we are not only subject specialists, but we are often English language teachers too.

In this mini-masterclass, you will learn how to predict the language challenges local students / students with English as a Second Language may face in our lessons. By being aware of this, you can consider your teaching approach and plan your lessons, activities and homework tasks to be culturally respectful and to cater to the students’ language needs, therefore establishing a professional and positive relationship with them.

You can access the content via a Youtube video below or via a Soundcloud podcast, depending on your preference!

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