Because I have moved around so much in the last few years (Ireland-> UK->Argentina-> Ireland-> Qatar-> UK-> UAE), I have stopped valuing material possessions so much and started to value time, experiences, and memories with family & friends much much more. I don’t have a huge wardrobe, I am not a fan of malls or shopping, my apartment is small, I love travelling with hand luggage only, I try to buy only things I need, and I aim to save at least 50% of my income each month. Recently, I’ve discovered that this is an actual movement called Minimalism that is being embraced by more and more people- read more about it here.

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I am also in great company! When the authors of the famous book, The Millionaire Next Door, began researching how people became rich, they found out that many of them lived well below their means, preferring to invest their money in creating wealth rather than buying flashy cars, clothes, and watches! Read my post here to find out the other habits of the wealthy!

“The problem with prioritising material items is that things change quickly. Yesterday’s desirable becomes today’s essential which becomes tomorrow’s antique. By prioritising experiences, you create memories that you can carry with you indefinitely.”

Check out the Guardian’s article for ways for teachers to lead a happier life and share any of your tips to help us all lead more fulfilling lives!

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