Work Provided Housing House Hacking with Sorcha Coyle (Season 1, Episode 6)

I was so honoured to be invited onto the House Hacking Podcast to talk to Andrew Kerr about how my house hacking as an expat teacher has boosted my savings massively! First of all- what is house hacking? According to this Forbes article, House Hacking was a phrase coined by BiggerPockets podcast host Brandon Turner. House Hacking is all about decreasing or eliminating your housing costs through a variety of creative methods in order to accomplish that goal. It is a way of squeezing every last ounce of value out of a home that you possibly can, in order to benefit yourself financially. While the concept isn’t new, its popularity is increasing. As housing becomes increasingly less affordable, creative home buyers have adapted and are finding new ways to own a home without breaking the bank.

As an expat teacher, I have been lucky enough to receive a generous rental allowance from the 2 schools abroad I’ve worked at. By planning ahead and thinking outside the box, I have been able to save a huge chunk of both rental allowances in addition to saving the majority of my salaries too- find out how in the Work Provided Housing House Hacking with Sorcha Coyle (Season 1, Episode 6):

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To find out 6 ways I’ve saved £6400/ €7100/ $7900 of my rent allowance this year, click here!

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