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Are you getting ready to move abroad and teach this August? Are you new to expat teaching? Maybe you have just arrived to your new destination?  Whatever stage you are- welcome to the amazing world of expat teaching! You have made the most empowering decision of your life!

Heads up- when you arrive, you will most likely be a bit weary when you see the long immigration queue plus you will be shocked at the heat and humidity that hit you and steam up your sunglasses when you exit the airport! But once you get over all that initial shock and wonder, you need to get busy on making this place a home! Find out all what to do in the first month to make your transition super smooth and enjoyable in the “The Newbie Expat Teacher’s Guide For Your First Month!” It also has a few tips about you should do at home before flying out here, so stick in your email below to download it now!