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What is it like to teach and live in Kyrgyzstan?

Today I talk to Laura, who recently moved to teach in Kyrgyzstan and very kindly accepted my request to write a blog post about her life there! To see stunning photos of Kyrgyzstan and see what Laura gets up to there, be sure to follow her on Instagram here!  How long have you [...]

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This week I almost QUIT…

As well as being an expat teacher, I also run a side business transforming teachers' CVs and cover letters to get them their ideal teaching job abroad. In January 2021, I started an internationally recognised ILM Level 7 Coaching and Mentoring course because I want to add career coaching, interview coaching and career transition coaching to my [...]

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What’s it like to move from the Gulf to Asia as an expat teacher?

Today's guest post is from Amy French, who taught in Qatar and then moved to Vietnam to work- two very different places! In this blog, she describes her experiences in both places and lists the biggest differences between life as an expat teacher in Qatar and in Vietnam. You can connect with Amy on [...]

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6 Ways to Save Money While Travelling!

“Travelling or saving? What should be my priority?” Many expat teachers have asked me this and I don’t think it has to be one or the other. While teaching abroad, we are making enough money to save each month AND take regular trips to explore the globe! I would say that your saving should [...]

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The Big Reveal: What’s it like to live and work in Bangkok, Thailand?

In today's interview, we speak to Jade, who is in her first year teaching in Bangkok. Not only does she give us the lowdown on living in Thailand, she also gives us some useful tips to get a job there! How long have you been teaching abroad? I have been teaching abroad for just [...]

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The Big Reveal: What’s it like to live and work in Saudi Arabia?

To those of us not from the Gulf region, Saudi Arabia seems to be quite a mysterious place, which means it isn't always at the top of expat teachers' bucket lists. Katy spent quite a few years teaching and living in Saudi Arabia, so what she has to say about life there, especially as a female, will [...]

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How to maximise your chances of getting your ideal teaching job abroad…

How to maximise your chances of getting your ideal teaching job abroad... My name is Sorcha and I’m the founder of Empowering Expat Teachers. I have been teaching in the Middle East (Qatar and Dubai) for the last 8 years. The decision to move abroad and teach has completely changed my life. It has allowed [...]

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How to enjoy a 5-day holiday abroad for LESS than £500 (including FLIGHTS and HOTEL)!

Before you learn something new below, please read my disclaimer here now about the advice and tips I share on this blog.  How to enjoy a 5-day holiday abroad for LESS than £500 (including FLIGHTS and HOTEL)! Yes, you read that correctly- I enjoyed my last 5-day holiday abroad (including FLIGHTS and HOTEL) for £489! To convert to euros [...]

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Why expat teachers SHOULD NOT invest their money with a financial broker or product…

Last week, I read one of Andrew Hallam's wonderful articles called, "Why This Financial Advisor Gives Out Free Trips To The Maldives." It talks about a very familiar trick used by financial brokers on unsuspecting expats in the Middle East... "Last month, a financial advisor sent Matthew Backus an unusual email. She offered him a free [...]

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The EET ultimate guide to visiting Istanbul!

The EET ultimate guide to visiting Istanbul! Istanbul has been on my bucket list for ages and when I finally had enough Turkish Airlines air miles to fly return from Dubai to Istanbul, I jumped at the chance to spend my Spring half-term there! My mam was very worried when I told her [...]

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