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Can you REALLY save as an expat teacher nowadays?

Can you really save here as an expat teacher nowadays? To be honest, it does feel like teaching salaries and packages at some schools abroad have gone down in recent years, as more and more teachers make the move to teach abroad. This can result in the supply outweighing the demand, which schools often use [...]

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7 ways to find out what the school abroad is really like!

7 ways to find out what the school abroad is really like! Now onto the important stuff! So you have narrowed down your location/ school/ job selection or you’ve had the interview, been offered the job, and would like to find out what the school is really like? You can do this by: Googling the school name [...]

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How to get a job in Dubai if you haven’t trained/ taught in the British education system…

How to get a job in Dubai if you haven't trained/ taught in the British education system... According to the International School Consultancy (ISC Research), there are more than 4.5 million students studying at over 8,000 English medium international schools around the world. Of these schools, 41% (more than 3,700) are British schools, i.e. schools with a British [...]

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6 things you must consider before moving to the Middle East with a family

Expat families in the Middle East seem to love raising their families here. With such sun, safety, and a family-friendly social scene, why wouldn't they? However, if you plan to move here with your family, you definitely have a few things to consider, research, and plan for, before the big move. 1. If you [...]

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How to find a job in Further Education (FE) & universities in the Middle East

There are many FE and third-level educational institutions in the Middle East and many employ Western-trained teachers and lecturers. Here are a list of such institutions: Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) The Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) is the biggest higher educational institution in the UAE, with more than 20,000 students attending 17 male and [...]

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Can you work in the Middle East without a full teaching qualification or as an unqualified teacher?

In a word, yes. The International School of Choueifat (a chain owned by SABIS®, the global education network) accept candidates who: Have a Bachelors degree in the subject needed or a related subject matter Are proficient in English / Native English Speaker (depending on subject) The company then trains them up to teach in their preferred [...]

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What is an IB School?

IB stands for International Baccalaureate and a school must be authorised to call themselves an IB school and teach the IB programme. Currently, over 4,000 schools worldwide teach International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes. Check the IB website for more details. A large component of the IB curriculum is focused on developing students’ awareness of their own [...]

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What is the difference between teaching at a public and private school in the Middle East?

Some expat teachers in the Middle East work at public (or government) schools while other teach at private schools (or international schools). Both types of schools recruit Western-trained teachers (e.g. British, Irish, American, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, etc.) and both types teach their curriculum through English, so you may be asking yourself: What’s the difference between them? [...]

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[7] EET Podcast 7: What is it like to live and teach in Bahrain?

https://soundcloud.com/sorcha-ni-ghiolla-chaoil/podcast-7-what-is-like-to-teach-and-live-in-bahrain A HUGE WELCOME to the Empowering Expat Teachers (EET) Podcast series! EET PODCAST 7: WHAT IS IT REALLY LIKE TO LIVE AND TEACH IN BAHRAIN? In this episode, I talk to Scott and Beccah, expat teachers who work at a British school in Bahrain, about their (hectic social!) lives there. Links to topics mentioned in the podcast: [...]

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The Most Shocking Thing I’ve Experienced Since Moving to Dubai

Since I've moved to live and work Dubai, something has really really really shocked me. Not the humidity, not the introduction of VAT, not some of the driving habits, although that has been a close one! It has been the many negative, dismissive, aggressive, and frankly rude reactions I have received from people who have never [...]

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