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Changing Your Money Mindset in the Time of Corona

Changing Your Money Mindset in the Time of Corona Do you ever come to the day before payday and wonder where the heck last month’s salary has disappeared to? If this sounds like you, I know you will be happy to listen to my new video which is all about [...]

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5 Ways to Stop Spending During Lockdown

Because we can no longer go out and have fun, many of us have turned to online shopping for entertainment. We may also want to treat ourselves because many of us teaching online are working harder and longer than ever before. We definitely deserve the occasional treat to keep us motivated and happy but [...]

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What is the best way of transferring money from my HOME bank to my EXPAT bank?

I am usually asked the best way to transfer money from an EXPAT bank to a HOME bank and I answer this question in an article I wrote last year- check it out here. That is because when we are earning abroad and saving as much as we can, we tend to send it [...]

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What is the difference between teaching at a public and private school in the Middle East?

Some expat teachers in the Middle East work at public (or government) schools while other teach at private schools (or international schools). Both types of schools recruit Western-trained teachers (e.g. British, Irish, American, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, etc.) and both types teach their curriculum through English, so you may be asking yourself: What’s the difference between them? [...]

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One HUGE financial reason to become an Empowered Expat Teacher…

Now, there is definitely more than one reason, but I believe that this is the most important one. Let me give you a clue… It is something I used to pay religiously every month. I would spend half my teaching salary on it. I felt very helpless and frustrated by it as I saw it [...]

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