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Just what you’ve been waiting for- the world’s first Teach Abroad Transformation!
I’ve been teaching in the Middle East for the past 6 years, and I can honestly say it’s the BEST, most empowering decision I’ve ever made. In my time teaching overseas, I’ve saved €163,000+ saved (so far as of September 2018!) 
How have I done this? Two ways- 1) By fully understanding the types of schools abroad and the implications for me as a teacher and 2) By creating an outstanding CV and cover letter that is so appealing to headteachers abroad that I always secure an interview for pretty much any teaching job overseas I apply to! Being highly sought after by numerous outstanding schools abroad means I always get the best location, school, salary, and teaching package for me. This has contributed massively to what has enabled me to save over €163,000 in 6 years’ teaching abroad. I have taken everything I have learned, researched, and tested in my 6 years and put it all into the world’s only Teach Abroad Transformation! Click here to find out more about Teach Abroad Transformation.



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I’m Sorcha. My mission is to empower as many of you as possible to find your ideal teaching job abroad – one that is personally, professionally and financially rewarding.
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